Registering to use Course Finder

Do I have to register?
We are able to offer our Course Finder service free of charge, However, we do ask all users of our service to register with us first. This is because the system will store your results so that you can visit again and again to refine your research without needing to re-complete the questionnaire.

What information do you need?
Just a valid e-mail address. No credit card, no postal address, no phone.

What does it cost?
Nothing. It’s completely free.

What e-mail address do I log in with?
The e-mail address you gave when you first registered.

What if my e-mail address has changed?
Either continue using your old address or register again. You have to use your original address if you want to see or change your results.

What if I forget my password?
If you forgot your password click on “Forgotten password?” link on the home page. Type in your email address you used when you first registered and your password will be e-mailed immediately.